Tips on how to maintain the Exterior of Car!

Is it hard to keep your car in a new look longer? Do you have to take it to a body shop every now and then to have it polished with a fresh paint? With a regular care you can keep even a very old car looking shiny like new. Your car’s exterior is probably the most meticulous aspect of cleaning your car. Give your car the respect it deserves with a thorough cleaning.

Shreenath Hyundai lists down the things required and portrays step by step the procedure on how to maintain your car’s exterior.

List of things needed while cleaning :

  • Car soap
  • Wheel & Window cleaner
  • Interior cleaners as desired (leather cleaners, dashboard protestant, etc.)
  • Sponges
  • Buckets
  • Soft cloths & Terrycloth or microfiber cloths
  • Wax kit
  • Scrubbing pads


  • Wheels: It is advisable to start with the wheels first as they often hold a lot of gunk that you won’t want sprayed over your newly cleaned car. Pay close attention to your wheel wells. First, wet the wheels with water, and then spray them with a wheel cleaner. Scrub them well with a cloth or scrub brush. Wash it completely with water. Spray your wheel covers and rims with brake dust remover, and then wash them with soap and water. 
    After washing your tires with soap and water, apply a high-quality rubber/vinyl protectant for additional protection. If you want your wheels appear black and shiny, apply some tire shine. Just spray the tires and wipe off the excess.

  • Wash the Exterior: Look out that cleaning doesn’t make your car dirtier. Use plain soap and water to clean exterior vinyl parts.  Don’t use caustic soaps, petroleum-based products or detergents. Change the rinsing water frequently and if you drop your sponge on the ground. Spray the entire car down with water. Use a bucket with water and a good quality car soap to wash the surfaces. For an accurate wash, use a small brush to get in the cracks and crevices.

  • Dry the Exterior: With the help of terrycloth or microfiber cloth you can remove the water and dry the exterior. It is preferred to open all of the doors for 5-10 minutes to allow the water drips in the door frame to dry. Wipe these areas properly to speed the process along. Keep up one touch-up paint in your car.  Typically, touch-up paint comes as a double-sided pen, with a base paint on one end and a clear coat on the other.

  • Wax: A car wax protects your car paints and helps your car to shine for longer duration. It also covers minor scratches and stone chips slowing down the corrosion. Once the exterior is dry, you are ready to wax it and make it shine. Choose a quality wax (black wax for black cars) and follow the instructions on the package to apply and remove it. Wax or polish the vehicle’s body once every six months. Use a paste wax for added protection of chromed parts.

  • Windows and Mirrors: The final step is to clean the windows and mirrors. This will remove any overspray’s that may have occurred while cleaning and give the car a finished look. 

Some tips you must consider to maintain the exteriority and to keep your vehicle looking at its best and help it retain its resale value:

  • In approximately every 12,000 miles, have the underside of your vehicle steam cleaned to remove all dirt and oil residue. By doing this, you can also inspect the area for damaged cables and brake lines, rust, frayed electrical wires and other problems.
  • Wash the entire vehicle body once a week. Tube down the exterior with water to loosen any dirt, then use a high-quality car wash product to clean the surfaces, starting with the roof, hood and trunk areas and working your way down. 
  • Following the cleaning part, apply a high-quality rubber/vinyl protectant to prevent cracks and oxidation. This protectant can also be applied to vacuum lines, weather stripping and rubber hoses on other parts of your vehicle which help you to protect against chemical degradation.
  • Quality car care products should be chosen over household cleaning products for the best results. Car care products are designed to clean the surfaces without damaging or removing the protective coatings that need to stay.



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