Monsoon Car Care Tips

As we all know monsoons have started and you have surely taken all the precautions you need for yourself against to get saved from monsoons. But have you thought of how to maintain your car during monsoons.

There’s always the possibility of heavy rain falls at any time of monsoon. Hence, to prepare your car for this kind of unwelcome situation, it should be maintained properly. Especially, the brakes, steering system, tyre tread depth, steering system, tyre pressures and defroster operation should be checked regularly.

The following car care tips will make sure that the rains are enjoyable for both you and your vehicle.

Accessories you need to protect your Car during Monsoons:

  • Car cover for Monsoons
    Having a car cover is like a saviour during monsoons.  It  will protect your car from getting wet and stop spot formation when the water evaporates besides protecting it from small debris scratching it and thus your car will be fully protected during monsoons.

  • Rain guards/window visors
    Rain guards/window visors work like the eyeshade of a car as these accessories are perfect for car care. Visors fit on to the top of the window sills and protrude outwards. With window visors you can open the window without wind/rain coming into the cabin. This also helps prevent mist formation. Visors also provides shade and stops wind from blowing into the cabin. So better do install rain guards as it will protect and take your car care perfectly.

  • Bug deflector
    First important  thing to do in Monsoons, is to know what is a bug deflector? A bug deflector is a strip installed on the hood of a car to stop bugs and projectiles from hitting the windshield by changing the way air flows over it. This accessory is usually installed on vehicles whose windshields are not very rakish and are vulnerable to debris like bugs, tar/water droplets and pebbles. It can be installed on SUV cars like hyundai’s Santa Fe, utility vehicles and cars with a ‘tall-boy’ design as it protects from the car bugs. However it is not recommended for aerodynamically efficient cars unless recommended by the manufacturer as fuel efficiency and handling can be affected.

  • Windshield
    You need to care for your windshield during monsoons by keeping it clean as to have more clear vision of your path and caring for your car. The wiper should be switched on if it rains heavily for reaching your destination safely.

  • Wax or Sealant
    Take your car caring tips seriously by protecting your car by Wax or Sealant. You need to face the fact that it really doesn’t matter whether you use the expensive stuff or cheap one,  as long as you have a protective, sacrificial layer on top of the paint. Better brands and products will protect better and last longer while cheap stuff won't. But at the end of the day, even the worse of waxes can last at least 2-5 days of torture.

  • Mud Flaps
    When you’re driving during monsoon, what you leave behind your car is as important as what you’re driving into. I bet no one likes driving behind a car that is spraying a lot of muddy water and, more importantly, that can be quite dangerous as well. Make sure you fit mud flaps on all four wheels before you start off.
    The above accessories are very valuable especially during this time of season so it is advisable by Shreenath Hyundai to have this installed in your Hyundai car ASAP. Another things you must consider as it’s important for your protection of car.

  • Protect your car’s Flat Surfaces more
    It is fact that water pools on flat surfaces more than vertical surfaces. The hood, roof, trunk (if available) will pool water blobs more than the doors, fenders and quarter panels. The flat surfaces there will absorb direct heat when sun comes above which causes acid prints to form.

  • Cleaning the wheels often
    Corrosion of wheel often happens because of brotherhood between brake dust , water and days of your car being dirty. Corrosion of wheels also leads to exposure of accidents in extreme cases.

Maintain your tire as well. You cant ignore the fact that most of the car accidents during rainy season is caused due to skidding. So care for your car tires by servicing your car oftenly as it will minimize to that risk of exposure.


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